Re: HP3000 987SX

Philip Freidin

Hi Dave,

Auction-BDI and SVC operate differently, in that one sells as a real
bricks and mortar auction site (BDI) that is selling items provided by
other companies for resale by auction, and the other (SVC) has both
local sales and eBay presence and is selling their own stock.
The item lists are separate.

With regards to BDI, they accept all offers over $25, it's called a bid.
As I am local, I just drive over to pick up my "winnings"
I always bid low, and sometimes I am unlucky and win and have to find
somewhere to store the stuff somewhere. Fortunately I am totally out
of space, so I didn't bid on this system 2 weeks ago, as I would have
won it with a $25 bid. Just lucky  :-)


On Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 10:53 AM, Dave McGuire wrote:
Perhaps I should give them another look, then. My experience with
them is that they gouge on shipping, don't combine shipping (on little
things like boards), and ignore offers. Maybe they've improved their
stance in the past few years that I've been ignoring them.


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