Re: HP2641A APL Terminal

Gavin Scott

Switching ATC ports 1-15 on the 3000 simulator to REMOTEACK did indeed solve all the flow control issues for the HP 264x terminal emulators.

If anyone would like the updated version with the flow control fixed on the 3000, I built a version 1.5a of my complete classic 3000 distribution, presently available at:

This is an 8MB HP 3000 Series III+ (the original only supported up to 2MB) circa 1979 with five HP 7925 disks loaded with MPE V/R from 1986, a massive amount of Contributed Software Library contents including many of the most iconic computer games (Advent, Dungeon (Zork), TREK73, Empire, Mystery Mansion, DROID, Warp, etc.) as well as the APL, BASIC, BASICOMP, COBOL, COBOL II, RPG, SPL, and FORTRAN 66 language subsystems, IMAGE database, etc. It makes quite a nice little personal mainframe (ok, it was a minicomputer but it looks pretty good functionality wise alongside the big hardware of the day being very user friendly and approachable in comparison). The MAME HP 2645A and HP 2641A are bundled in and only a double-click away. It's completely turnkey and set up to be ready to run. See the README.txt for instructions. Requires Windows.

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