Re: HP2641A APL Terminal

Glen Slick

On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 9:50 PM CuriousMarc <marc.verdiell@...> wrote:

The HP 2645 with the Extended Async Comm serial interface card can be configured to do RTS/CTS via a dip switch. I suppose the older card (non "extended") can do it too, but for the life of me I have not found the manual to confirm.
These should be the relevant manuals?

Page 3-34 (Page 170 of the PDF)

13260A Asynchronous Data Communications PCA
13255-91086_Asynchronous_Data_Comm_Module_Aug76.pdf (PCA 02640-60086)
13255-91239_Enhanced_Datacom_Module_Oct79.pdf (PCA 02640-60239)

13260B Extended Asynchronous Data Communications PCA
(PCA 02640-60089)
13255-91143_264xAsyn_Apr78.pdf (PCA 02640-60143)
13255-91143_General_Purpose_Async_Data_Comm_Apr78.pdf (PCA 02640-60143)

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