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Colin Eby

Easiest ways I can think of (and I’ve not tried this myself) is to invest in a second HP-IP interface and run two copies of HP-Drive. Make the second one a floppy drive emulation. Inserting files into a floppy images is much more straightforward.

What I was planning to do myself, was create and write images to my 9121A using hpdisk, then actually attach it to the HP 1000 I have. I’m working on getting my 5.25” drive running as well. However, a second HP-IB emulated drive would be the most flexible possible option if it can be made to work. In theory it should be fine.

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On 9 Sep 2020, at 22:02, cvdcamilleri@... wrote:

Hi, I am working with Al on the A900 computer.
AdvanceLink has completely failed us at transferring binaries onto the computer (always hangs at 974 characters), and I was wondering if anyone could suggest an alternative method of putting things on there (we only have an emulated 7958A, so imaging a floppy or a tape is not really an option).
We also have no method of inserting things directly into the emulated disk image, because we have no programs to do so.
I have copies of all the relocatables.

Thanks, Charlie

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