Re: HP software for test equipment

Andy ZL3AG


Likewise for HP 75000 (VXI) equipment.

With Keysight killing off the ftp archives from Hp/Agilent and some of them not appearing at (and many pages unreachable due to poor website design or nasty robots.txt files), we desperately need people to check through their old diskettes and CD collections, along with old SCSI drives/tapes that might have instrumentation software on them that is now otherwise unobtainium.



On 5/09/20 8:35 am, Rik Bos wrote:
Hi François,
I don't know about the 7000 system, but I know it's sometimes very hard to find control and test software for instruments. So if you some please preserve it.
There's a folder in the files section for instrument software.
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On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 9:13 PM +0200, "François Lanciault" < <>> wrote:
Is most official HP software for its test equipment already preserved somewhere or is it hard to find ?
I’m asking because I have many original floppies for the HP-71000 spectrum analyzer and I was wondering if I should try to preserved them before wiping the floppies for other uses. (I don’t have a HP-71000). I don’t know for what system the software is written, but on the disk there is a note saying « For Selected HP-9000 Series Computers » so I suspect they are written for the series 200-300. I will try to load something on my HP-9816 and will let you know.
I have the 5 disks named « System Operation Verification #709000-10023» (disk 1 to 5) and the « System Diagnostics Software #70900-10025 »
I might have other disk for other HP test equipment. I will dig deeper.

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