HP software for test equipment

François Lanciault

Is most official HP software for its test equipment already preserved somewhere or is it hard to find ?

I’m asking because I have many original floppies for the HP-71000 spectrum analyzer and I was wondering if I should try to preserved them before wiping the floppies for other uses. (I don’t have a HP-71000). I don’t know for what system the software is written, but on the disk there is a note saying « For Selected HP-9000 Series Computers » so I suspect they are written for the series 200-300. I will try to load something on my HP-9816 and will let you know.

I have the 5 disks named « System Operation Verification #709000-10023» (disk 1 to 5) and the « System Diagnostics Software #70900-10025 »

I might have other disk for other HP test equipment. I will dig deeper.


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