History of RTE

Colin Eby

Hi - 

I know there are some HP veterans on this list. Perhaps someone here will know....

I'm working on a YouTube video giving a basic introduction to RTE.  I wanted to discuss its origins a bit.  

While research it, I was looking around on the HP Museum and HP Archive sites, I was kinda surprised to find very little in HP Journal, and HP catalogs describing its creation.  There's plenty talking about BCS and BASIC platforms. You even get little bios of the teams behind them.  Not so RTE? Or perhaps I'm just missing it something obvious?

It just seems most of what I can find written up comes from the 1970s and RTE-II or later. 

Can anyone offer any pointers to the original design, designers or perhaps some documentation on RTE's introduction in 1968?

Kind regards, 
Colin Eby

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