Re: HP 9000 S300 DOS Coprocessor DIO Card 98286A Software 98531A

Dave McGuire

On 7/20/20 10:26 PM, David Kuder wrote:
Boards come in on Wednesday, I might get enough time to put one or two
together to test with.
Great! I'm following this with interest.

Funny thing is, my new HP S300 came in, and it wasn't a 310 like I was
expecting, but a 332.  So the only thing I'll have to test the boards
with is my SRM server, which I've only managed to get Basic running on,
and not much else.
Ahh. So you're not running an SRM network but you have the hardware?
Separate from my ongoing 3048A effort, which is "work work", I would
like to set up an SRM network here just to learn more about it. I've
never worked with SRM before, but I have a few of the interface boards.

Is there anything different about the SRM server hardware, or is it
just a rebadged 300-series machine? That's what I assumed when I first
read about it.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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