Re: Hp Basic 5.1 and 380 (updated cpu)

Dave McGuire

On 7/19/20 2:48 PM, franzini.francesco@... wrote:
This is my very first post on this group where i found a lot of very
important information.

I just got 9000/380 system, it's fully functional with 98574 upgraded to
380 (68040 CPU) and 98550A video card.

The system is working well using BASIC 6.4 HP-UX9.0 loaded from hpdrive
but unfortunately is not working at all when i try to boot HP Basic 5.1
from hpdrive, i tried all of the different images i found but during the
booting phase they all failed with no error, WS just stucked on some
unknown state with blank screen.

The images i am using are running just fine on HP 9000 emulator, images
are from reliable source like this group or HP Museum.

I really don't know what is wrong, i did a pretty extensive search on
this group and on the net about this issue but i haven't found anything,
i hope to find help from the very expert technicians here.

Last thing, i need HP basic 5.11 because i am trying to run HP 3048A
phase noise software that unfortunately is not running on HP Basic 6.4
for CSUB related issue.

I really hope on some help on this.
Welcome Francesco, this is a nice coincidence, I am working on putting
together a 3048A system right now myself. I'm doing it on a 68040-based
machine (382) and am still getting the system running. I've got RMB 6.4
installed (standalone, not BASIC/UX), but have not yet installed the
3048A software. I was thinking about starting on that tonight.

I thought it would run under 6.4. Are you certain that it won't? I'm
pretty sure Leo Bodnar has run it under BASIC/UX 6.3.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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