need a little LIF filesystem help

Dave McGuire

(I've cross-posted this to the Series 80 mailing list due to that
group's extensive experience with LIF files)

Hi folks. I've got some BASIC source code files in ASCII format on a
Linux machine, and I'm trying to put them in a LIF disk image file as
file type 0001 (TEXT) so they can be read by RMB on a Series 300
machine, via an HP85Disk board set up to emulate a hard disk.

I've been able to initialize a LIF file as a hard disk image and
successfully access it (SAVE/GET) from RMB via the HP85Disk board.
Everything works as expected.

I have Tony Duell's "lif_utils" package, as well as Mike Gore's "lif"
program. I used the latter to create the LIF image file. But Tony's
lifput program complains that the image isn't initialized properly, and
doing "lif add" using Mike's program automatically converts the files to
the disk image with type E010 (DTA8x) for the HP-85, which RMB cannot
read. It can see the filenames in the directory, but having been
converted to DTA8x format, they are not understood by RMB.

I just want to add these text files to the LIF disk image as TEXT
(type 0001) files.

I feel like I'm really close here. Can anyone help?


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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