Re: HP-UX 5.1 on 9920 AKA 9000/220

Paul Berger

On 2020-06-24 5:44 p.m., Rico Pajarola wrote:
I did some more research, and found this, which put an end to my wishful thinking...

It's simple! Take the CPU board out of a current Model 220
(HP 9920) or Model 236 (HP 9836A/C), replace it with a
new CPU board, and you have a Series 200 product capable
of running HP-UX.
The new CPU board includes a 12.5 MHz 68000 processor
(previously, only. an 8 MHz 68000 was available). In addition, the board contains 16Kb of cache memory and the
memory management hardware necessary for multi-user v applications. Note that there is no user RAM present on the
new CPU board.
The base level hardware order numbers are HP 9920U,
9836U, and 9836CU. 'They designate the new-CPU versions
a of the HP 9920A, 9836A, and 9836C respectively. As such,
they include no software or extra RAM. 

and later
98670A #012 Single-User HP-UX

98670A corresponds to HP-UX 2.0

98670A Disk-based HP-UX 2.0 Operating System (single user)

So I guess this settles the question. You need the 12.5MHz CPU board with MMU in order to run any version of HP-UX and there was no older version that didn't require that.

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I think you will find that the processor chip is actually a 68010 which is a somewhat enhanced 68000, in this case the most import enhancement is the facilities to support virtual memory, specifically when a page fault occurs the 68010 save enough information on the stack for the OS to be able to resume after loading the required page.  The 68010 is also slightly faster than a 68000 at the same clock speed.


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