Re: HP-UX 5.1 on 9920 AKA 9000/220

Paul Berger

On 2020-06-22 4:43 p.m., Achim Buerger wrote:
The 9920 service manual states as possible OS the 98670 / 98689 HP-UX 2.0.
What makes the thing even more complicated, that in my machine a mainboard 09836-66510 is plugged, whereas the service man lists 09826-66516.
To me it seems as if the mainboard was also build for the 9836.

It seems that the 9826, 9836, and 9920 all use the same CPU cards and there are two types, the original 68000 based card that also has 128K of memory on it and then the 68010 based card which has the memory replaced by a HP designed Memory Management Unit (MMU).  It would seem that the 09836-66510 and 09826-66516 are both the 68000 card with 128K of memory.  I seem to recall that V5.1 of HP-UX needs a MMU to function.


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