Re: HP-UX disk image for the 9000-340?

Dave McGuire

On 5/25/20 11:13 AM, Rik Bos wrote:
Even on a pa-risc vue is slowww.., I’ve had a 9000 735 with lots of
memory installed, which was a very robust (build like a tank) and fast
machine for it’s time but vue stays slow..
In the "golden years" of RISC workstations, the beginning of the 1990s
to the early-mid 2000s (until x86 machines actually started to become
somewhat usable, at least in terms of performance), it was very common
to trash the vendor-provided stack of GUI software and compile X11R4,
R5, and R6. R4 is where it really became a big deal, as the R3->R4
performance difference was like night and day. I will never forget that
upgrade, I actually shouted "WOW!" aloud after typing "xinit".

A post-R4 X11 installation, compiled by someone who knew what they
were doing, would run rings around any GUI system shipped by Sun, SGI,
HP, DEC, or any of the others on that class of hardware. My whole world
consisted of people who ran that stuff, and out of dozens of facilities
around the Washington DC area, I think I only knew of one (gov't-run,
NOAA) that actually ran the stock vendor-provided GUI tools as-provided.
They were all pretty awful, mostly in terms of performance but in some
other ways too. The vendor stuff was just garbage, and it was shipped
primarily to pay lip service for those poor slobs who were somehow
prevented from properly configuring their systems.

X11R6 compiled with GCC with proper choice of optimization flags under
SunOS 4.1.4 on a SPARCstation-2 is an amazingly performant system.
Everything is just instant when it's properly configured.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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