Re: Logging into HP-UX, as what?

Paul Berger

Is that the image I uploaded?  If so there is no password for root I booted up a copy on a 332 and entered 'root' in response to the login prompt and when I pressed return I was in.


On 2020-05-22 1:35 p.m., Anders wrote:
I have booted, but cannot seem to log in. I have booted the HP-UX 7 fullsys image and when I get to the login I try "root" with no password, "root" root", "admin" "admin" etc, but get incorrect login every time. Thought It might have something to do with my Keyboard emulator, but I am sending the correct scancode for Enter (tried both keys, have one maped to the regular enter and the other to the numeric keypad enter).

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