Re: HP-HIL and USB

Paul Berger

A 16500 has two internal HP-HIL devices the knob and the IR touch screen sensor that are likely configured before external devices.


On 2020-05-16 6:48 a.m., Anders wrote:
On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 10:12 PM, al_kossow wrote:
dump from a salaea logic-16 of everything up until the 16500 is booted at 500khz samplerate
Interestigly enough does the HIL docs claim that autoconfigure always starts with ACF1 (0x09) and so it does on my 340, but here it starts wth ACF3 (0x11). The way autoconfigure works is that the host sends, say 0x09 and the first unit takes the lower three bits as its address, increments and passes on.
After the host has gotten the incremented ACF back, it should issue an IDD for every address and then an EPT (enterpassthrough)
On my 340 it is the other ay around and it always seem to assume address 4, no matter what.

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