Re: Small number of HP9830 key tops and key switches available.

Dave McGuire

On 3/9/20 5:19 PM, Paul Berger wrote:
   Are these the same as those  used on the 9825B?  They look very
similar.  I'm in need of two switch mechanism, a "6/&" key top (top row,
not numeric keypad), and a "Continue" key top for a 9825B.  I think the
9830 doesn't have the "Continue" key?
I don't think they are the same any 9825A full stroke keyboards I have
seen have a cross on the top of the post, in any case I can probably
help you out with key switches and even the keytops.  BTW if you want to
make that 9825A into a 9825T I have extra card sets.
(I'm sorry for the very late reply, things are busy here)

I have a couple of the card sets with my machines. Essentially I have
a small pile of three or four 9825s that are in pretty sad shape. Jack
and I went through them a bit during a visit a couple of years ago, but
we didn't get very far. I myself know very little about these models,
but am anxious to get into them more.

The keys on my 9825B machines are indeed full-stroke, and they have
"+" shaped posts on which the key caps are mounted.

I don't have time to work on them now, but they're pretty high on my
priority list for when things calm down a bit. I have two customer jobs
and one hobby job to get off of my plate first.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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