Re: HP-UX disk image for the 9000-340?

Paul Berger

I believe there is a package of Gnu tools that includes a version of Gcc but I have never played with the Gnu tools so I have no idea how complete it is, it also appears that the Gnu binaries where compiled against a 385 which is a 68040 based system so would likely be a problem for your 340.  There are also packages of programs from HP which I believe includes compilers but the require a key to enable and as far as I know the keys have not been cracked.  There is however BASIC UX 6.3 available which is the same as workstation BASIC running under HP-UX I believe the 6.3 version matches up with HP-UX 9 but I have never seen and 6.3 specific documentation.


On 2020-04-23 4:43 p.m., Anders wrote:
On Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 09:35 PM, Paul Berger wrote:
There are no compilers included except a stripped down C with enough resources to rebuild the kernel
Can you get a full C compiler for it?

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