Re: HP-UX disk image for the 9000-340?

Paul Berger

I have never had any problems booting from emulated disks on HPDrive.  As for bootp it is usually only used to start up the boot process via a broadcast advertising for a bootp server which would then provide the requester with enough code for basic TCPIP operations to download a more complete boot image.  Some network attached devices that would normally not have a console, such as terminal servers,  use bootp to get their initial ip setup .

Rik says that HP-UX does not use bootp but rather uses what sounds like a proprietary protocol for network boot.


On 2020-04-23 2:48 p.m., Bruce wrote:
The author of HPDrive specifically comments that booting may be a problem because of timing.  HPDrive is not able to match the actual HD timing which may effect the less sophisticated "boot" program.

Speaking of booting with BootP - what would be the boot image to use?  Not the entire OS image but usually a simple boot-loader which then gets the OS image - Any ideas on how this works?



Quoting Anders <anders.gustafsson@...>:

I see no reason why a 300-series should not boot from either HPDisk or HPDrive as a series 200 has no problems booting from HPDisk. Time will tell though. I am also interested in testing boot over LAN if I can figure out the protocol, but I assume it is BOOTP?

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