Re: Small number of HP9830 key tops and key switches available.

Paul Birkel

Looks like a nice desoldering job there on those switches :->!


From: [] On Behalf Of Mattis Lind
Sent: Saturday, March 07, 2020 4:05 AM
Subject: [VintHPcom] Small number of HP9830 key tops and key switches available.


When I restored my HP9830B a few years back I had a number of keys that had key switch stem broken off. I then got help from the community and Brent sent me a few key switches so my key board got complete.

Unfortunately those key switch stems are very brittle by age and the design is maybe not the most sturdy. I hade a couple of more keys breaking off over the years of light usage of my HP9830. 

Just recently I found a scrapped HP9830 keyboard listing on Ebay. It was in very poor condition and it would never be possible restore it. Evidently it had been living a harsh life in the New Mexico desert. Plenty of sun and sand.  I bought it and with the help of Paul it was reshipped to Sweden. I have now removed all the intact keyswitches and key tops. 

I will now have a good store of spare parts to keep my HP9830 living a good life more many years. It was by the way running last Wednesday! Worked perfectly. But since I got such a good help back then I think I now could give a a little bit back.

Are your HP9830 keyboard missing a few keytops? Maybe you can find it in the picture I append. I offer very small number of key tops and key switches to those who restore a HP9830 and are missing a couple of keys. Might work for HP 264x keyboards as well.

Since they have seen quite some sun the key tops are not in perfect shape. But a slightly dull keytop is better than nothing. Right?

They are free for the cost of shipping (from Sweden). 

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