Re: Speaking of HP-UX.. Is there a version that runs on the 98x6-series or is an 68010 or later required?

François Lanciault

No the motherboard of the 9817 is different from the model 310. The 9817 case looks like the 310 but is in fact shallower by about 2 inches.

I have both and I prefer by far the 9817 over the 310

The 9817 have separate text and graphics like the rest of the 200 series and the 9845 :-) (Default display for the 310 is mixed text and graphic on the same bitmap. You can achieve separate text and graphic on the 310 with the color graphic card)
The 9817 have the Texas Instrument 3 voices sound chip directly on the motherboard, no need for the HP-HIL sound module. (I don't think the series 300 have that)

The 310 is a bit faster though.


On Mar 5, 2020, at 20:52, Rico Pajarola <rp@...> wrote:

Isn't the 9817 basically a 310 in the case of a 216?

On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 3:32 PM François Lanciault <francoislanciault@...> wrote:
I think HP-UX can run on the HP-9817, one of the 200 series. There is a support document that explains how to install it. The 9817 has a 68010 processor like the series 300.

Le 5 mars 2020 1:13 PM, Anders <anders.gustafsson@...> a écrit :
So, I guess that if I really wanted to run HP-UX on a vintage machine, then a 300 or 400 series would better?

How is HW compatibility between 200/300/400? Can they use the same memory and IO boards?

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