Re: HP 9821 - display and tape transport issues #VintageHPComputers

Dave McGuire

Every company has fanboys, even evil ones.


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Hard to square your views of National Instruments with the 4000 to 5000 screaming fans I saw annually at NI Week in Austin. I'm sorry you seem to have gotten bad treatment from them, but my mileage definitely varied over the span of 35 years.

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RIK: "A lot of transport problems are caused by a bad working EOT sensor, the LDR’s used in the system to detect the end of tape deteriorate and the resistance changes permanent to a low value."

I did a quick and very simple test. It is possible to run LDF, MRK, REW commands etc. with the opened cassete deck (without tape)....if at the same time top-right "cassette presence sensor" is pressed.
So I started it this way, trying to blink into a sensor by a pretty strong phone LED lighter, reaction.

Of corse I'm going disassemble and measure EOT resistance anyway, but think also - if it was OK (and it's logic), then should be some reaction on my simple test.

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