Re: Error 128 - Line too long during get


Yes, the other solution is using a Viper card with a 9121 connected.

Read the file and use SAVE ”xxxx”  to write the ascii version to the dos disk..

Or install HPBASIC for Windows



Van: <> Namens Anders
Verzonden: zondag 2 februari 2020 13:22
Onderwerp: Re: [VintHPcom] Error 128 - Line too long during get


That is the probem. That utility does not work on more recent PCs, so I use, libdisk

libdsk1512\dskconv.exe" -otype raw BAS2SYS.TD0 BAS2SYS.BIN

This has woerked well for most disks, but fails on this one. No idea why?

OTOH, writing a small C program that takes an Ascii file and produces one with Pascal style strings is trivial. I will see if I can do that instead.

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