Re: Error 128 - Line too long during get




Convert the td0 to hpi and your problem should be solved.

Or recreate the disk from the td0 image with teledisk on a DOS pc.




Van: <> Namens Anders
Verzonden: zondag 2 februari 2020 12:40
Onderwerp: [VintHPcom] Error 128 - Line too long during get


This is what I get when I try loading YATZY from an image located at: There are two files in the image, YATZ9816 which is a PROG file and  YATZA which is an ASCII file, but when I look at the actual disk image they both look like tokenised BASIC.

If I extract the YATZ_9816 file from the tarball and put it in the image, using HPDir, then it refuses to load. It is a straught ASCII-file with 0A as delimiter. When I look at other files I have saved as ASCII, they appear to be stored as BASIC (or Pascal) strings, ie an integer for the length and then the actual characters.

How do I go about getting a program file saved as ASCII with UNIX line endings onto a LIF image so that I can GET it on the 9816?

I tried converting the TD0 file to a straight image, but I cannot load from that either.

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