Re: Troubleshooting a 9845C

François Lanciault

Hi Dave,

What is the health of the color monitor power supply ?

On the 9845C, the PSU inside the monitor is usually the "hard to solve" problem. You should check the 98770 service manual and the 98770 schematics for more information and for how to check if the PSU is working correctly. At least, there are no RIFA capacitors on the 98770 monitor PSU (at least none on mine).

If you know for a fact that your monitor PSU is ok then you could try to swap boards if you have another working 9845. If not then maybe the internal ROMs have gone bad and should be replaced.

Good luck with this project ! At least you have a chance to make it work. I am missing to many parts in my 98770 monitor to even start thinking about fixing it. :-(


On Jan 31, 2020, at 17:12, Dave via Groups.Io <dfnr2@...> wrote:

I recently, after a long search and much patience, managed to acquire an option 200 power supply for my option 200 9845C.  I finally had a chance to power it up, after verifying voltages on the supply.

The fans run on the base and monitor, and the paper advances.  I get a beep on power up, but no video.  After 20 seconds or so, the systems starts beeping; a series of short beeps in rapid,nonstop succession.

before the rapid beeping, I tried the "XXX" and EXECUTE, with no result.

I plan to dig in a bit more methodically when I have some time, but I would be grateful if anyone here has any suggestions.

Thanks in advance!



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