Re: HP App Notes 201-X series wanted


Just added my scan of the missing AN 201-06 Computer Communications HP 9825 - HP 1000. One is a large (45 MB) pdf file with high resolution scan, the other one is a smaller (4.5MB) one with searchable text. They describe communication over HP-IB and Serial, with ways to upload and download program and data from the 9825 to the HP 1000 running FORTRAN helper programs. It can be done, but pretty contrived as expected, I suspect not many people went through the trouble. It uses Steve Leibson's system programming feature "store" command to download programs (Steve did I get this right that you put that function in?). Many thanks to John Lawson for a) rescuing the manual and b) driving it all the way from Nevada to California. Now that's customer service!

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