Re: Inline assembler ASM300 (DTACK Systems, Inc.) for BASIC/WS 5 and 6 on 9000/s200 and 9000/s300 computers uploaded

François Lanciault

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your contribution. I look forward to test it. 

Best regards,


On Jan 10, 2020, at 10:38, HP75_8687 <michael.fehlhammer@...> wrote:

Hello to all HP 9000 series 200 and 300 programmers, I just have uploaded the ASM300 inline assembler from a third party (DTACK Systems, Inc.), see files section "software" under HP9000 s200300.
There are two versions, for BASIC 5 and 6 respectively, and one manual for BASIC version 6.
The assembler is easy to use, just load a binary, then you can embed your assembler code in a BASIC subroutine. Parameter passing between BASIC and assembler code is more than trivial, you can simply reference BASIC variables by their names within your assembler code.
I didn't test the software extensively, but brief testing of both versions by assembling an example program from the distribution disk yielded the expected result.
There is an incompatibility with another third party product, the Infotec compiler for BASIC 5, I suppose both use the same binary ID. The later is very rare, it needs a dongle to run, so a collision is unlikely to occur.
The software files are in DOS format and contain LIF directory information in a header, you have to transfer it to a LIF disk by using LIFUTILS or a similar tool.
Please let me know if you should encounter any problems.

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