Re: HP 9826A - still need replacement key body

Paul Berger

All of the 9825 and 9835 keyboards I have seen have key switches that are either marked with the Cherry name or look very much like them  I have also seen Cherry keyboards  in 4972A protocol analyzers which is largely a 9920 fitted into a transportable case.  I have seen other similar instruments from that time period that also used Cherry keyboards.


On 2019-12-28 8:43 p.m., Lee A. White via Groups.Io wrote:
I did not work no the 9826, but most of the key switches I did work with were manufactured by Cherry.

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At 02:34 AM 28/12/2019 -0800, Anders wrote:
Glad to hear. If you ever find the HP Sparepart number of manufacturer number, then please post it.
If it's any help, here's a photo of the bottom of the keyswitch.
It has "Maxi" molded in. Presumably the name of the manufacturer.
No part number on the switch that I can see.


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