Re: 98xx international keyboard layouts?

Paul Berger

The 98203A has 8 jumpers along the left side of the keyboard PCB that can be read by the system, which Tony labeled as "Config Links" on his schematic.  My US English 98203A has all 8 jumpers in place.   Page 9-5 of the CE handbook for 9826/36 may offer a clue to the jumpers, the absence of a jumper would appear to select the language and of course there would be different keytops for some of the keys as well.  


On 2019-12-28 6:38 a.m., Anders wrote:
The docs hint that the 98xx was sold with different keyboard layouts for different European countries, but I have not found any info on how this internationalisation was done, ie is there any way to change the keyboard layout in software, or is it burnt into the boot rom?

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