Re: Serial terminal emulation for HP 1000

Colin Eby

Thanks Marc.

I think the first problem is getting the basic serial connection working. There are quite  number of cabling variations. From memory there was something unusual about the ready signalling you needed to account for.

The 2640 series is covered in the extended ncurses packages on linux, so that can be leveraged. In a pinch I could put in a serial switch box to allow for tape processing, and still use the 2645 as the console. 

Has anyone else actually connected a PC to an HP 1000. I'm thinking they must have. If there are any considerations I oughta watch out for, please let me know.


On Sat, 28 Dec 2019, 01:52 CuriousMarc, <marc.verdiell@...> wrote:
Tapes should be quite straightforward. The HP2645 are well documented. The tape drives are just plain sequential records of characters or keystrokes. No file structure, no directory, nothing added or removed. Playing macros back should work.
If you want to correctly implement a 2645  emulation though you’ll have to implement the escape sequences, of which there are many. Also the many modes (block, edit, function keys, fields, highlights, special fonts). Also the very many comm cards and keyboard card strapping options, in particular the ones that deal with handshake modes. All very straightforward and well documented though, but quite a bit of work.
There is a down-to-the-processor code exact emulation in MAME already in existence. Runs the original ROM code!

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