Re: HP-HIL and USB

Paul Berger

I to have looked at using the HP 1RC8-6001 as an easy way to interface with HP-HIL and on the other end I have considered using a AT keyboard controller chip  to interface to a keyboard, on the otherhand there are projects around that use things like AVRs to adapt PS/2 keyboards to other systems that could be used as a base for a PS/2 to HP-HIL interface.  The 1RC8-6001 chips are not that hard to get as every HP-HIL device has one, some time ago I scrapped a 16500A and it has two, one for the touch screen and another for the dial.


On 2019-12-23 5:26 p.m., Sven Schnelle wrote:

On Sun, Dec 15, 2019 at 12:19:45AM -0800, Anders wrote:
Another option would be one of the MIcrochip 24-series MCUs that has USB
circuitry built in. That is probably the route I would take, but then again
am I partial as I have been working with those processors for a long time.
Generally, the best hardware is what you are comfortable working with for a
project like this. It should be fairly easy to build something that can either
accept a PS/2 or USB keyboard.
I also had the plan to do a converter for a long time. My first thought was using
a CPLD as HIL converter and an AVR uC. However, i stumbled across the 46084A ID
Module, which you can get pretty cheap on ebay - i got two for 10EUR each.
That's what's in it:
(Thanks Al for taking pictures :-) )

So there's a COP402, an EPROM, and the HIL SLC itself in there. I'm thinking about
removing the COP402 and putting an Arduino Pro Micro in which talks to the
HIL SLC. USB would also be an option, but for now i think i'll stick with PS/2
as that's simpler. Another option would be trying to use the COP402 itself, but
this thing is 4 bit, can only address 1k of EPROM, and debugging is much easier
on AVR.


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