Re: Clarification of CS/80 support on the series 200 computers?

Dave McGuire

On 12/19/19 11:34 PM, Glen Slick wrote:
Let me know if you need help in HPBASIC coding. When I worked at HP I used to teach classes for HP Engineers/Technicians on how to work/code with HPBASIC to control Instruments and take measurements.
How much was there in common between the development of RMB and IBASIC
(Instrument Basic)?

I have an E1406A VXI Command Module which has a 16 MHz 68000 processor
and can run IBASIC.

The "Using Agilent Instrument Basic with the E1406A Command Module
User’s Manual", E1406-90070, says:

"IBASIC uses SS80 drivers that operate GPIB disk drives such as the HP
9122, 9127, 9133, 9144, and 9153 drives."

"IBASIC supports both LIF (HP’s Logical Interchange Format) and MS-DOS
file systems."

I haven't gotten around to trying a GPIB disk drive with an E1406A yet.
As discussed in private mail, I'll be giving E1406A IBASIC a shot this
weekend, but I don't have a GPIB disk drive handy to be able to try that
too. If you get to that point, I'd be interested to know if that works.

I do a lot of work (like real feed-the-family work) with VXI systems,
mainly using V743 controllers. The availability of IBASIC for quick
immediate-mode trying things out and configuring modules sounds very handy.

The E1406A is a powerful controller that doesn't get enough
attention...I think a lot of people think that because E1406As were
available twenty years ago, that all E1406As are from twenty years ago.
It's still a current catalog product.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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