Re: More SSS software documentation

Jack Rubin

The bigger problem may be finding the software! Does anyone have anything from them?


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Sent: Friday, August 25, 2017 5:22 PM
Subject: Re: [VintHPcom] More SSS software documentation


Hmmm I think HP once recommended to software vendors to hand over a code to the customer derived from the serial number in the ID PROM, which the software then requests from the customer to check whether it has been licensed or not. The advantage was that the software didn't need to be serialized.

However it seems that the SSS software for the HP 200/300 had been serialized. If this is the case, you probably need two versions serialized with different IDs to find the serial number related code quickly. Otherwise you need to find the access to the PROM via reverse engineering (guess it was mapped into the I/O page somewhere at 5F0000 or so).

Let's see whether we can take a look into the secured code somehow.


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