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Paul Bicknell

Hi Chris


The requirement is to use USB keyboards  for items that require a HP-HIL keyboard


You say there’s plenty of HIL hardware in existence  


OK  find me 2  QWERTY key borders and 4 interconnecting cables   they are not that easy to find 


The problem is when the equipment is moved  people throw away the HP-HIL keyboard assuming a new keyboard will do the job


Regarding the sockets are these required as the equipment has the sockets




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On Dec 14, 2019, at 2:42 PM, Paul Bicknell <paul@...> wrote:


The item that is urgently required is a standard keyboard interface to HP-HIL

Ie   USB to HP-HIL


I’m not sure whether you’re saying you urgently want to use a HIL keyboard with a USB system, or whether you want to use a USB keyboard with a HIL system. Either way I don’t understand the urgency, there’s plenty of HIL hardware in existence.


The approach I outlined in my previous message should work regardless of which you want, however. The only difference will be in the USB stack & interface on the Cortex M series, whether it acts as a USB device or host. (Though acting as a USB host is going to be more difficult—though just working with average USB HID hardware shouldn’t be too hard.)



Regarding the HP-HIL mail connectors not a problem there are 2 types 


1 Dot   Type   A   part number  1-1761184-1-ND  this goes into the keyboard

2 Dot   Type   E   part number  5-1761184-1-ND  this goes into the equipment


Last time I looked  digeky  had over 200 of each


That’s good, what about the sockets?


  — Chris


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