Re: HP App Notes 201-X series wanted

Dave McGuire

On 11/22/19 10:42 PM, Guy Dunphy wrote:
Scanning and distributing a digital copy is by far a secondary goal.
I really don't want to jump into this argument, but I have to step up
and point out something: What you stated above may be true for you, but
it may not be the case for others.

This is a sticky issue. There's the book, and there's the information
contained in the book. Both have value. But what do you save, if you
can't save both?
But almost always you can save both.
That was not what I asked. What if you CAN'T save both?

This thread blew up when I criticised someone,
for destroying rare HP App notes solely for a slight extra degree of convenience
in scanning.
It's not a "slight extra degree of convenience" when we're talking
about volume work. It often makes the difference between "this will be
preserved" and "this will not be preserved".

Ha. If you ever find a service manual for a Documation TM200 punch card
and mark-sense card reader, please let me know.
We have several Documation manuals. I will look in the pile this weekend.

More generally, perhaps some kind of online database/list of what documents
individuals are searching for, and what physical documents are held by
archivists, would be useful. Kind of a semi-replacement for the no longer
existing commercial manuals stores, like ManualsPlus.
That's a good idea. I will contribute to it if one appears.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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