Good weekend - 9825, 9836, 9845, 9920

Jack Rubin

Last week, I was able to meet with Frank Key and Tom Lane, the principals behind Structured Software Systems. I got a very nice 9836C from Tom, though he had no software from his time at SSS. Frank still had a lot to share. I left his garage (large enough to hold his Prevost motor home and a couple Kubota tractors) with a station wagon full of stuff to sort out. While I spent most of my time with Frank exploring the depths of his garage, we also talked about the company and his connection with HP in the early 1980 time frame. I took brief notes, but I will hook Frank up with Steve Liebson and hopefully more details will show up on the 9825 website.

Among the items I've looked at, there are a couple more of the SST Mass Storage ROMs for the 9825T though both failed to come up in my system. I've sent them on to Paul Berger for further exploration. The SSS ROM I got from Sellam Ismail seems to work fine and, one way or another, I hope to be able to provide copies.

I also got several SSS ROMs for the 9845. I don't have any way to test these but I plan to bring them to Berlin in October when I will meet Ansgar at VCF-Berlin. I also got documentation for all the SSS products and 4 large boxes full of HP documents. Most relate to the 9845 and already are online but there are some interesting internal documents that I will describe in more detail as I continue to clean, catalog and scan the items. One binder contains some 8" disks that are labeled as source code for the 9825 storage ROMs - they "look good" but I've got to re-connect my 8" drives before I can say any more about their condition.

There are a pair of 9920U boxes, so I may just tickle the edge of HP-UX, though it feels too new to really hook me.

I'm starting a Structured Software Systems folder and I'll upload material as I scan it. I also scanned the manual for Eventide 200/300 memory boards, since the manual and several boards came with the machines.


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