Re: Does anyone have a source for the putty colored paint used on HP peripherals?


I explored my local hobby shop and found a couple of different colors of spray paint that I think are “close enough” for repainting the entire enclosures of my hard drives (excluding the plastic front panels, which fortunately are in pretty good shape).


Interestingly, there are (at least) two distinct colors I’ve found. Some of the earlier drive enclosures are a putty color, and the later ones are a very light gray, or off-white. I bought what I think are close matches to each color at the hobby store: Testors 1233 Flat Light Aircraft Gray, which has a bit of a beige tint, and Tamiya AS-16 Light Gray, which has a whiter hue.


I’ll clean and primer the worst enclosure first and see how the new paint looks.




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I just did a whole bunch of very tatty/rusted HP drive cases from that era and a (very) repaired  85A case. I got my local paint shop that do all my 'production' stuff to do it. They used RAL  7032 in a light textured finish, putting systems side by side with original finish ones it looks very close indeed but probably you would need to do the whole thing not just a patch.

On 11/12/2019 2:47 AM, Stan wrote:

I am restoring a few HP peripherals (9153A, 9133XV, 9142A, 9144A) and strictly for cosmetics I would like to at least touch up, and possibly completely repaint the cases. They all have various stains and scratches, some of which are through the paint on the metal cases.

If I can get a reasonable color match and am able to repaint the entire case, it won't have to be exact--just "close enough." Thanks for any and all leads!


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