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Paul Birkel

For the control store it’s the 12205-60002 Frontplane.  The 12205A Control Store is pretty uncommon; the frontplane equally so (probably more so as folks seem to just throw those away and keep the boards when scrapping systems).


For the memory any of 12222-60002/3/4 Frontplane would do fine.  Those do appear on eBay, but at prices well outside the budget of a hobbyist.  I’ve been thinking about fab’ing one for myself and whether that’s a realistic proposition.  The DIN connectors (well, close enough for a bit of careful filing to get a decent fit) are common enough and small-PCB fab is inexpensive, even in 4-layer.  However I’d settle for a 12222-60001, which would at least let me attach one of my four 12220A 768k cards.


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Hello Paul


The Frontplanes are also listed in the 5955-8896 A-Series_CE_Handbook.pdf Chapter 8, Replacement parts, Page 8-4.

The PN is 12222-6000x, x= # of memory cards.


What did you need ?




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Thanks you Roland.  Now if I could just find the pair of frontplanes that I need to get my A900 card-set “activated” (memory and control store).  Stephen Hanselman had indicated earlier this year that he had both, but he’s never responded to my messages :-<.  Can anyone else help me?


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Hello Lyle

Unfortunately I don’t own the „HP 12063A Isolated Digital I/O Interface“ Manual.


But you could find some bits in:

- 12060-90003 L-Series Automation Interfaces User Information R0184.pdf Section V (5)

- 24612-90011  HP1000 A-Series Computer Interface Diagnostics Reference Manual Feb_92.PDF, Chapter 12 contains hints about wiring of the Test Hood (page 12-5). Check archive.


I hope it helps.


Good luck



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Thank you Dave.





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All 3 manuals are now in the HP Computer Museum website (  as well..


David Collins



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Hi Roland,

You can place them on the file section of this group.





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Hi Lyle
See the attached files. Two manuals (12060/61 and 12062 specifc) follow.
Maybe has somebody access a share where they could be placed?
Best regards
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Fortunately, I was able to obtain the manuals from a friend for the 12060A and 12062A boards (I have two of each). They are "A" Series boards - very different from the M, E, F boards :)
On Sun, 13 Oct 2019 20:49:01 -0700
"Stephen Hanselman"  wrote:
> Marc,
> Shameless plug, if you need the ADC for your board I have a new 
> technology replacement in stock. Also I think blank boards. Might also 
> able to get my partner to give his program to test the board using a 
> 21MX-E and an external power supply. It’s a binary one that must be 
> meted in by hand but we might be able to punch it on paper tape, if I can remember how to do it.
> Also I think you’ll find it is 8 channels of differential or 16 
> channels of single ended.
> Regards,
> Stephen Hanselman
> Datagate Systems, LLC
> > On Oct 13, 2019, at 16:10, CuriousMarc  wrote:
> > 
> > Lyle
> > Could not find any mention of the 12060A. Is this an HP 1000 
> > interface card? Would this have anything to do with the 8 channel 
> > analog A/D card HP 91000A? Of which I own one.
> > Marc
> > 
73   NM6Y
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