Needed: two diecast corners for a HP 1000 rack door

Guy Dunphy

My recent good fortune: Acquiring an original HP rack for my HP 1000 system,
that actually says "HP 1000 SYSTEM" on the top of the door.

Not so lucky: The door has diecast corner pieces, and two of them are
broken. They are quite complicated little things, too much so to make

See pics at

Does anyone have a broken/unwanted HP rack door in the same style, and
can spare a couple of intact corner pieces?
I know it's unlikely. Just thought I'd ask.

It appears these were broken by some previous owner not realizing the door
hinges only allow about 100 deg swing, not 180. Trying to force it open further
bends the extruded frame edge and breaks the corners. I've fixed the bent
extrusion, but the diecast corners are not repairable.
This is a bad design. Probably many of these doors would have ended up broken
just like this. Making spare corners even more rare. I suppose if I can't find
any I can just ditch the door, and transfer the title bar to the rack itself.


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