Re: wanted: HP2627A or HP2397 Terminal emulator for PC

Martin Hepperle

The HP Terminal Program for MS-DOS
I looked into my box with floppy discs from my late HP Vectra PC.  There I found the HP Terminal program on 5-1/4" DS/DD discs.
It was version A.00.02 while the version at HP-Museum is A.00.03 and probably has some improvements.
Nevertheless I installed both and both work.
With the version from the HP Museum I had problems to create the discs until I recognized that I had tried to use 5-1/4" HD discs.
Some of them could be written in DS/DD format, others failed halfway through.
After replacing them with the proper 5-1/4" DS/DD discs Teledisc was successful in creating the copies.
Because the Teledisc images are sometimes inconvenient to handle if you don't have old hard- and software, I also created a snapshot of each installation directory. 
Both installations were performed on a MS-DOS PC for a VGA display card, so they may only work with VGA compatible cards.
I will upload the two .ZIP archives here and also send them down under to Dave of the HP-Museum.

I tested the terminal emulation with a serial connection and ran my small AGP learning program on the HP 1000..
The program must be linked with the D0036.LIB driver to support the 2627 color graphics terminal.
I have only used the serial interface option as I do not have an "AdvanceNet" connection.

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