Re: wanted: HP2627A or HP2397 Termianl emulator for PC

Martin Hepperle

The manual on the HP-Museum web site lists graphics commands and mentions color. (escape sequence table on p. C-5).
The docs also say:
For HP2627 color graphics emulation, an EGA or VGA video adapter card and a color monitor are required.
If you are going to use the HP2627's color alphanumerics features only (no graphics), then an EGA or VGA video adapter is not required.
The configuration screen should list these possible choices:
- IBM Monochrome Adapter
- Standard Color Graphics Adapter
- Enhanced Graphics Adapter/Standard Color Display
- Enhanced Graphics Adapter/Monochrome Display
- Enhanced Graphics Adapter/Enhanced Color Display
- Multimode adapter
- HP Monochrome Plus Adapter/Monochrome Display
- HP Monochrome Plus Adapter/Standard Color Display
- VGA / (2397A or 2627A Color Emulation)
- VGA / (2393A or 2623A or 150A Monochrome Emulation
So I would expect that a normal VGA compatible card should work for the graphics emulation.
The installation should be run from the first diskette with a destination disk/folder as a parameter:
According to the manual, it should work via RS232C and the AdvanceNet network (AdvanceNet TELNET and HP3000, whatever that exactly may be).
PS: A good and low cost way to use this software may be to install it on a small ThinClient with a plain old MS-DOS installation.
These ThinClients can often be found used on E-Bay for 10-20€ (or maybe for free from your HP friends) and are capable of running MS-DOS 6.22 or FreeDOS).
With VESA mounting holes they can even be attached directly to a TFT screen for a compact terminal.


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