HP 150 version of the HP-IB Command Library for MS-DOS ?

Martin Hepperle

Lastly I was trying to get a HP 150 II to talk to a HP-IB multimeter.

I wanted to avoid diving into assembler coding so I started with "C".
Using Lattice C 2.12 and following the code snippets in the Technical Reference Manual I did not yet succeed in establishing communication with the HPIBDEV device driver

The HP-Journal May 1986 describes the "HP-IB Command Library for MS-DOS" software, which must have included a HP 150 driver in its first release.
I own a copy of this software for MS-DSO and Windows, complete with the ISA card for the Vectra/IBM PC, but this is a later version and does not include the HP 150 library.

So: does someone have a copy of an earlier release of this software WITH the HP 150 library? Would it be possible to make a copy / disk image file?

Thanks for looking,

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