HP 1000 Cable Hoods 3D printed

Martin Hepperle

In order to prepare a few cables for parallel I/O as well as A/D and D/A cards for the HP 1000 I recreated the cable hood and, as I don't own a 3D printer, had two variants printed.
The pictures show a variant where the hood is sliced lengthwise into two halves. This makes it easy to fit the wiring inside, but requires glueing.
I also have a second, single piece variant where one has to route the cable through the outlet hole. 

I could not find 48 position edge connectors and used longer ones, cut out a piece in the middle and glued the parts together. Because I could not find a suitable glue for the blue plastics material I also milled a grove into both sides and filled it with epoxy-glass fiber strands. Maybe not necessary if the connectors are glues into the case.

I have uploaded the *.stl files to the Files section.

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