Looking for PSU 0950-1760 for HP 9000/300 box

Martin Hepperle


I am looking for a power supply unit 0950-1760 complete with switch, extension rod and knob for a HP-9000 DIO extender box. Mine came withpout a PSU.

The PSU is the same as used in most HP-9000/300 systems.

It is rated

  • 20A @ 5V
  • 3.6A @ +12V
  • 1.1A @ -12V

Maybe someone has a completely broken machine or one that has been used for parts where this PSU is left?

As an alternative I am considerung to modify a current PC power supply but I have not yet found the pinout of the connector on the HP PSU. The service manuals do not show any details.

Thanks for looking,


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