Re: 9885 disc on 9825 machine - getting closer

Paul Berger

On 2017-04-17 3:20 AM, Ansgar wrote:

Hi Jack,

first of all good you have a working 9885!

Sounds as if the system sectors have not been properly initialized. The HPDir function you mention is experimental (means not yet approved). What I did with HPDir is take the system sectors of a known good 9825 disc, keep the sector data permanently into HPDir, and write the sectors during initialization in single sided mode with the 9895 to the floppy, so that it can be read from a 9825 with a 9885. You should be able to use a DD disc instead of an SD disc if you like in case no SD is at hand.

The 9885 cannot use double sided media, the drives in the 9885 only have one index sensor and it is positioned for single sided media.

Unfortunately I have no 9825 to test on my own, but I will re-check whether the sectors really look like they should with a 9885. I assume that it should not make a difference whether using a 9825A or 9825B, but I am no expert on this.

It would not make any difference.

The msus parameter should be ok with 707: when initializing the disc in the 9895 (no unit specifier needed, if you omit the unit, it should default to 0), otherwise that can be considered as a bug. I'll also check this on my side.


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