Re: 9885 disc on 9825 machine - getting closer

Jack Rubin

Ansgar - re the msus syntax, I don't think it's a bug - it's a feature that you allow more granular addressing, but it wasn't something I was familiar with on my older equipment. I started testing with an HP-85 and talked to the 9895 using msus :770 and :771. When I switched to HPDir, 770: didn't work but 707: did. That's when I realized you had added another addressing digit (that reflects 9845 usage?), thus 7070: and 7071:.

- re DS vs SS disc/k (even HP goes back and forth on "disk" and "disc" spelling) - I've got the covers back on both drives but can the 9885 read both types? There are index LEDs for both disk types in the 9895 but not sure about the 9885.

Craig and others - two questions - first, if I understand your answer, a properly initialized disk should load with the 98217 ROM only and does not require any use of the tape?

- maybe more fundamental, how do I determine if my ROM is in place and actually working? Again, the system test tape seems to be non-existent but I thought that typing reserved words such as 'drive' or 'cat' should get a D or F error rather than an 03 error. More generally, how do I determine if any ROM is in place and functional? Does typing a reserved word work as a quick functional test?



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