Re: Swapping Sony OA-D32W-10 and OA-D32W-11

Tony Goodhew

Thanks but I might not have been clear with my question.


I have several 9122D devices and they’re mostly full of dead floppy drives (heads missing, etc). I’m trying to assemble one working 9122. Normally each device has the same drives e.g with both OA-D32W-10 or both -11.


When I put a mix of one -10 and one -11 with the drive select switches set per the 9122 service manual I notice that the drive heads seek but only one drive motor spins up.


I’m wondering if it is possible to mix the different units in one enclosure?


Thank everyone for your help, really appreciate it.




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There is a switch on the back for the drive select, it is mentioned in the 9122 service guide.  If you search on OA-D32W you will find on bitsavers there is a scan of a manual for the drive, its not a great copy but readable.


On 2018-12-08 10:32 PM, Stephen Hanselman wrote:
Yes you can swap the drives.  If memory serves there is a switch on the back of the individual disc.  My books are at the office so I can’t be sure until monday. Try searching for the HP CE manual for personal mass storage



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On Dec 8, 2018, at 16:51, Tony Goodhew <tony_goodhew@...> wrote:

Hey All,

I'm trying to get one working 9122D and I'm wondering if it is possible to swap these physical drives? I'm wondering because when I do I can see the drive motor spin in the -10 but not in the -11.

It's not clear to me if there is something different between the drives causing this or if there is an issue with the controller.

Any ideas?



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