Re: What is the wiring of the HP 9836C monitor cable?




Thanks very much for the very detailed and very useful info!


My straight through cable is just unshielded wires, so I’ll be curious as to how well it works.




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the pinout is documented in the 9826/9836 service manual and Tony Duell's reverse engineered schematics:

In fact, both diagrams need comment. The diagram from the service manual omitted the HSYNC signal at pin 11, which is required for the monitor and correctly listed in Tony Duell's schematic. On the other side, the -12V at pin 5 as listed in Tony Duell's schematic is not connected by the 9836C monitor, so can be ignored.

Note that with the original cable, all supplies and signals have individual grounds, and RGB signals and are individually shielded.

To sum it up, yes you may use a straight-through DB15 cable, but you will sacrifice the RGB shielding. If you find a VGA cable with separated shielding for RGB, plus at least 5 additional wires for ground, +12V, HSYNC, VSYNC and VBLANK, it would be the better choice (the 9836C wires all grounds together, except those for RGB signals).


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