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I figured out why I couldn't get the floppy to slide out of the front of my R/382: the front panel bezel obstructs the rails of the floppy tray, so I had to remove the bezel (not difficult). Once I did that the tray slid right out.

Unfortunately, disconnecting the hard drive to see if the R/382 would try to boot from the floppy did not work. It still behaves as before. I haven't (yet) tried to see if it will send packets to the LAN. I guess that's the next step!


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I don’t know what vintage the hard drive is on that machine, but I had some drives in the 80s that used a stepper as a head actuator, with a solenoid that unlocked the head motion. The sequence of operations was: spindle spinup, the ATSPEED internal signal then released the solenoid and allowed the head to seek. Perhaps that could be of some use to know what to look for, should it be a similar drive.

Cheers, Kuba

4 nov. 2018 kl. 05:57 skrev Vassilis PREVELAKIS ( <series80@...>:

but there’s nothing on my network that it could boot from anyway, so I’m not sure what I’d be looking for.
I'd be looking for any kind of packets on the LAN with the MAC address of the R/382.
If you get this, then you know that its trying to boot off the LAN so the machine is in fact booting and the problem is in SCSI. I think I managed to boot OpenBSD diskless, but the video display of the R/382 is not supported by OpenBSD (not even as a boot display), so that did not go far.

Now to diagnose the SCSI you need to have only one device on the bus. So open up the machine and disconnect the HD, leaving only the floppy which is SCSI as well.
Then try to boot off the floppy. If that works then the HD is probably bad. Maybe its head is stuck, so connect just the HD (not the floppy) and listen carefully while it tries to boot to hear (a) the motor spinning the disk, and (b) the heads moving. With all the noice from the fan of the R/382 this is going to be a bit hard so try it with the disk sitting on the floppy drive so that you can get close to it.


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