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Jack Rubin

I’m glad to see a few others are also involved with these wonderful beasts. If you have a 2116C, you might be interested in additional core planes – some are still available here - .  The challenge will be coming up with XY drivers (shared with the 2100), inhibit cards (unique to the 2116C?) and “over-the-top” connectors (also shared with 2100).


There is a lot of overlap in the various interface cards used in the 211x boxes and the 2100 but I’ve never seen a real list. It might be worth starting one.


Finally, anyone hear from Brent Hilpert lately? His website – a great resource for many HP systems – seems to be mostly non-functional.




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The 2114B I know J

We picked it up in Belgium and shipped it to Jon a few years ago.

It was a big shipment and a pain in the ass to get it packed right.




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Jack, the HP Computer Museum has various models of the 2116 (including an 8K 'A' that runs) and 2114. We almost got our hands on a 2115 but it was not to be...


If you need any info in getting your collection going feel free to ask, happy to help. 

David Collins

HP Computer Museum

On 1 Mar 2017, at 9:30 am, Jack Rubin <j@...> wrote:

Does anyone on the list dabble with the other end of the HP calculator/computer spectrum?

Anyone with a 2116, 2115 or 2114?

I've got a 2116 and a 2114 that have been sitting idle for far too long - maybe someone else is feeling the same way.


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