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Hi Paul,


Thanks for the reply!


I confirmed that the SCSI adapter is the only interface set for select code 14. I looked at the configuration info and it is correct. I put a blank floppy into the drive to see if the system would scan the floppy while looking for a system to load, but nothing happened, other than the drive spinning the floppy for a second as it was inserted. The hard drive activity light flashes briefly every ten seconds or so, but again, nothing happens.


As I said, this computer was stored away in working condition several years ago and nothing has disturbed it since then, so I’m not sure where to look next.


One thing I haven’t checked is the power supplies, but I would have thought that a failure of any one of them would have shown up as an error, or a series of errors at power-on, assuming that the computer even powered on at all.




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The only configuration is the select code for some of the internal devices, the integrated SCSI will default to 14 and you should see that in the boot messages, if you have some DIO adapter plugged in that is set for select code 14 it would interfere.  Normal SCSI bus needs to be terminated at both ends, one end would be terminated on the system board but if the other end comes out to an external connector you may need a terminator.  If you hit enter on the keyboard while it is starting up it will post bootable images it has found in the top right corner and will wait for you to select one before it continues. 



On 2018-11-02 11:20 AM, Stan wrote:

I just pulled my R/382 out of storage. It was working when I put it away several years ago, but now when I power it up, it passes all the self-tests and then searches for an OS to boot but can't find one. The hard drive has HP BASIC on it, the drive is spinning, but that's as far as I've gotten.

The 2325 coin cell battery on the motherboard was (of course) dead, so I replaced it, but this didn't fix the boot problem. Might this be a configuration that was lost when the old coin cell died?

Any ideas?



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